So, I have now been back in the UK for 8 days. Well, 7 and a half. its been a long week!

So, after the fiasco between London and somewhere else in London, I was finally on a train to…Birmingham. Yet another change. Luckily for me, someone who knew all about the joys of lugging your life across the country, offered to help me with my stuff and get onto the correct platform in time for my next train, which was nice of him. I had a little conversation with a girl on the train about her adventure climbing in France. Its nice to be friendly to people on public transport! It seems so easy in Australia, but such an effort here. People don’t seem to want to talk to you. I’m going to make a conscious effort to talk to people on any journey longer than an hour.

Back at Wolverhampton train station (Which also smells pretty grim), I had to change money into coins to use the pay phone to ring Gunk, who was already on his way. I waited outside. There are a lot of people who smoke in Wolverhampton! Anyway, safely in the car, we soon arrived back at Gunk and Gants house, Exactly the same as I remember it. After a shower and some snuggly clean pjyamas, I settled down to a nice hot Roast dinner – with Yorkshire puddings! I had a bit of a catch up with Gunk and Gant before heading off to bed. I had been awake for over 26 hours. Suprisingly, I wasn’t that tired. Drained, but not tired, but dragged myself into bed to grag myself into the correct time zone. It worked. I was up before 9am the next morning. I had a slow relaxing morning before an AMAZING bacon sandwich for brunch (They don’t do them like that in Australia, one thing Brits do excell on) before Nan and Andy came top pick me up to take me back to Mums.

It was a journey that seemed to take forever. Nan said she was jealous of the Whales and said little more about Australia. I tried to volunteer some information. I don’t know if she couldn’t hear me or just didn’t know what to say. Then started the real entertainment. Andy and Nan had an Arguement about String Theory. Both had valid points. I think. But both were trying to outsmart the other. I looked out the window and thought about how cartoony the scenery looked. Clearly my level of intelligence it below par to that of the rest of the people in the car. I remember a point in time when I used to study really clever things and used to sort of understand really clever things. I think my mind is out of oractice, but if the restult is having more life satisfaction, which I seem to do now, then I can deal with that. I think the realisation had finally hit me – I’m not one of the cleverest people any more. I used to be top of my class. Moving to King Edwards for VI form knocked me down a few pegs, but even in Chemistry and even psychology I’m up there in the class. But not the top. Infact in Psychology I don’t seem to be doing much intense learning. It all seems very learnable. Physics and Maths dind’t seem that way to me, though grated I did get there in the end. I guess I’m just studying in a different class of people now. The top, but not at the very top, not right on the peak. Just sitting confortably I can see most of the view, but not all of it. But then, when I climbed snowdon, I got to the top and it was hailing so much, I couldn’t see anything. There wasΒ  no point of being up there except for being able to say I had done it. 2/3 of the way up, my head wasn’t in the clouds. What I could see was clear and green and vivid. I enjoyed it a lot more. I wasn’t just doing it to say “Oh, I made it 2/3 of the way to the top.” I just did it, just, because.

Anyway. We reached mums, and the string conversation was left at a cliff hanger. Dexter came running out to greet…Andy…I got a Hug too, but he couldn’t wait to talk to andy. I was a bit hurt, but I know he is only little and doesn’t really understand things like that – bhe just wants andy to come and play on the Wii.Mum came out and gave me a hug, She was all teary. We went indoors to make cups of tea and set up Lunch. As requested Paella. And it was yummy. As ever, Mum went over board with food. We had scones, Brownies, Fairy Cakes, Plum Tart and strawberries for dessert…How I put on weight in Australia and not at Home, I’ll never know. It was a lovely lunch, but things were different to how I left them.

Dexter. Dexter is not the cutie pie I left behind. Well, he is, and he isn’t. I always knew he wasn’t cuddly. I got lots of cuddles, but not very long ones. He is still bossy. But not he is rude too. Somehow, by saying “I’m only joking” it makes a whole stack of things better. Not only is he rude, but Mum has made allowances for this being the case. He comes out doors and demands “Wheres my drink.” It interrupts conversation. Mum says sorry and goes to get it. She says he is in the hang of it because she has gotten so forgetful and deaf. The Mum I knew would never have let someone speak to her like that, no matter how many times she forgot or how deaf she was. More over, he does not listen to what he is told. I told him a good number of time to sit on his bottom whilst we were eating. He wasn’t just not sitting on his bottom, he was jumping on his chair. He is 5. I have baby sat 2 year olds that know they should sit on their bottom whilst eating. He said he didn’t want dinner yet was given ice cream. He ran around the house instead of letting mum dress him…yes mum still dresses him. I love Dexy to bits, but after baby sitting so many well mannered children…and even some not so well mannered ones, Dexters’ behavior is not what I remember it to be. And Dexter is my Golden Child.

Anyway, Mum told me to go inside to tend to Dex, whilst She cleared up a bit and Nan and Andy argued again about string theory. When I rejoined them outside (after I think, they decided to agree to disagree), Nan announced that we are all at a cross roads, and asked what mine is. Well, My issue with being back (Apart from the weather, the people aren’t so nice and there aren’t any pumpkins here), is that I don’t have any choices. I don’t get to choose anything at the moment besides what I have for breakkie – and not even that, because I forgot to buy cereal. I am being shoved in the one direction of Uni. I don’t get any choice in what I learn or when my lessons are any more. I have little free time and even less money, I’m not free to go and explore any more. I’m kind of stuck. In one place. For the next two years. I’m not at a cross roads at all, I’m on the god damn Stuart Highway. The next thing I’ll see will be a convenience store. Picking up the essentials and carrying on. Of course, this conversation led onto why Nan is at a cross roads. Apparentley the labelling of your products is a life changing decision. She could have just asked.

Andy started a new conversation. University. “You’re going into your second year aren’t you.” I nodded. “I’m going into my third.” He said. He talked about Graduation and about graduating at the same time. I said I’ll try to get onto a masters programme. He said he was already on one, if he wanted it, plus his degree turns into a masters anyway. Great, well we aren’t all so lucky. “Finally got ahead of you! It was bound to happen at some point though.” I was shocked. How rude? I genuinly can not believe anyone would say somthing like that. “Well I’ve done more with my time at uni,” I replied in my defence. “Ouch, that hurts,” in an exaddurated and offended manner. However offended he was, I can garantee I was more so! It wasn’t always a given. I remember being in year 2 and going to his year 1 parents evening and his teacher commenting on his hand writing, saying it was elegible. I remember all of his teachers saying he needed to focus. I remember one week, Andrews homework got sent home 5 times for him to re do! It was not always a given.

Before Nan left, I got out my Swag and I had a chance to show it off. I don’t think Anyone was that impressed at first. The I explained the ins and outs, it’s anti rip technology, how warm and waterproof it is, the nice thick materess, then they insisted that my Late Grandad Michael would just had to have had one – two even. Dex likes it. Everyone keeps bringing up how they are going to borrow it. No way.

After Nan left, Dex showed me around the room they had prepared. A new sofa bed had been pulled out, decorated in my linen, and decorated with Pirate Bunting. Obviously the highlight for Dexter. There was also a fruit bowl with a pinapple in (I’m going to pretend this is because Mum calls me Pinapple Prin, and ignore the fact they are mighty difficult to cut up at the best of times – let alone when you are three floors up, without a knife or surface to cut it on); as well as biccies and other snacks. Yknow, just in case I woke up in the middle of the night on an Aussie time zone and needed a midnight snack. As you do. It was a nice thought, but unneccecary. Mum kept highlighting the fact that she had cleaned it, as it was really dirty before and how she hadn’t done any of that for Andy. Well, I appreciate that.

I had left overs for dinner and before long, Andy was carted off to Grandmas for the night. I read Dexy a bed time story, Darrell had a shower and went to bed, whilst Mum and I were left on our computers. She had the worlds shorted bath, even though she did watch TV for an hour before hopping into it. I then had a shower and went to bed too.

I woke up early enough to have breakkie with Dexy and walk him up to school – his first day of Year 1. I didn’t get as emotional as I did before. I didn’t even take a photo. He was confident thgouth. He got right on in there, whilst most kids looked like they had just been told they were going to be used as a human sacrifce. Dex got right on in playing dinosaurs and a couple of his friends were a little more at ease with that and went to play with him. I noticed, he didnt really play much, The child sitting next to him had about 8 dinosaurs out and was getting them to interact with each other, and was playing with different ones every few seconds. Dexter on the other hand, only had one, and was hardly even looking at it. He merely held it in his hand and got it to take a few steps every now and again. Odd.

It was time to leave, so Mum and I left and Headed into town. Mum told me about a parenting technique quiz she took on facebook. It said she was a hands off parent and she felt really bad for it. I said, well, she raised Andy and I differently, but she raises Dex completley differently. I bought to her attention him not dressing himself. She justified herself by saying she couldn’t do it when Andy and I were little. I get it, making up. But it’s not helping anyone.

First stop – Boots. But boots was expensive, so we went to Tesco instead, which in my opinions, was expensive too. I really wanted a shampoo for greasy hair. Something they do not have AT ALL in Australia. I guess because of the climate, greasy hair isnt very common. My hair still got greasy though. I actually found there wasn’t many shampoos for greasy hair here either. I guess with all the chemicals and heat people put on their hair, itt does lead to it being dried out and frizzy. I can’t really use shampoo with mint or citris as it irritates my scalp. Teatree does too, but not to the same extent. I eventually found one for greasy damaged lifeless hair. Sounds perfect. We got some razors, soap, bits and bobs like that. At the check out Mum announced that she couldn’t afford to pay for my stuff as she hadn’t paid rent yet. Not a problem. I’ve been buying my own stuff for years, I’m sure I could pull this one out the bag. Well, If I was buying this one myself, I would buy the felt pens that were on special too. I needed a new set for uni anyway, as all mine went missing whilst traveling. Mum then went on about how she felt inadequate for not being able to make the purchase for me. I said it really didn’t matter.

Next stop – M&Co, for new undies. They were expensive there! But it was really the only option, and seeing as I got rid of most of my undies at the air port, I kind of needed these ones. We looked around the clothes too, just incase. It’s really for middle aged women. Mum says it’s really cool, but just the fabrics they use are heavy. Not my kind of thing at all. There was one shirt on the sale rack I liked though. It was chiffon (with a built in singlet underneath – not that I would have minded without it) and was completley covered in beads and sequins. That’s my kind of thing! It wasn’t my regular style, but it didnt look too bad on. it was Β£20, but in my head that means $20, so didn’t seem that expensive. When I was at the checkout, that actually translates to $40, and is expensive…too late by the time you’re paying for it though. Oh well. Its a pretty top. I’ll just have to wear it heaps now πŸ™‚

Mum Announced she needed the toilet again. When she emerged for the talking toilet cubical she told me about this peeing problem she has, and how the amount she pees is related to her emotions. Because she couldn’t buy me shampoo, she now feels inadequate and now is needing to pee a lot. She said essential oils helped stop it, but emotions over take. She literally needed to pee every 5 minutes. I looked in a couple of op shops, found a few bits and bobs I liked, but nothing fit properly. I found a top what I liked the sequiny neckline of, so I plan to take it off and stitch it onto a shirt I do like the fit of. I considered the fact that I needed actual clothes and not just sparkly going out clothes. I then realised that my “OKAY TO BE SEEN OUTDOORS SHIRT” is my purple top with the sparkly neck line. All my going out tops had been relegated to a “be seen in public shirt.” My “be seen in public shirts” became “In the house and work shirts.” Those quickly became bin material. I think my new thing is sparkly neck lines.

We went to Grandmas for an hour or so for a cup of tea and to collect Andrew. Turns out I was pretty close to one of her sisters at one point. She lives in Noosa. I thought she lived in Far North Queensland. Oh well, Next time. I quite like Grandmas sister. We left so we could go home for lunch, and then started the inquisition about Birthday Presents.

Andy asked me what I wanted for my birthday, which was a nice enough question. But I honestly don’t know. Here’s my thing. I have lived for the last 14 months more or less completley out of my 25L back pack and hand bag, with less than 10Kg of stuff. (Okay, lets not lie here, I cheat Jet Star all the time, About 13Kg of stuff). That included everything. Clothes, toiletries, earrings, towel, coat, shoes, electronics, scuba diving books, post cards, notebooks, things I thought would be useful but aren’t. I haven’t bought anything for nearly two years. To try and save up, but also whilst I was out here, I didn’t have the space to carry heaps of things. I sold 95% of my possessions, and now I look at it again, I realise I could still get rid of at least half of what I own. when I am in a position to buy things, I never see anything I want, it’s incredibly easy to say no. The tricky thing is when I HAVE to buy things. I do still make purchases, but for things like food, new undies because mine are all falling apart, new canvas shows, because mine fell apart/stink so much I need to throw them away/left on a beach/aeroplane/and are two sizes too big anyway. Really, I buy adventures. Scuba Diving, Aeroplane tickets, Train Rides, Hostels, Dolphin Kisses, Shark Videos, Koala Cuddles, Penguin Pictures and Postcards…a whole lotta post cards. (I counted – theres nearly 200…Andrew thinks his are lost in the post).

BUT. It’s my 21st. I have nothing from my 16th or 18th. Okay, I got money and things for 6th form and Uni, but I have none of it left now. Those things weren’t meant to last. And I got Money, which helped me go to Australia, but now, Money will go to things like Food and Rent, because it has to. I know people want to be useful, get me something I need, something that will help me – clothes vouchers for example, because I have none of those…but really, I want something I can keep. Trust me, I searched hundreds of sites, searching ideas for 21st birthdays, and some were okay, some were lame. There was nothing that stood out to me as something I would REALLY want. nothing that I would ask for anyway. It took me forever to compile a list…

* Pjyamas

* Socks and Undies

* Blender

* Earrings

* Belly Button bar

* Luggage Tags

* Passport Cover

* Photo Albums (big ones) and Printing Vouchers

* Something Special I can Keep

Thing is, I’m not exactly going to ask for something useless. And I don’t want money, because I’ll just spend it on boring things. Mum says I’ll have changed so much she wants to take me out shopping. Hm. I dunno. I feel like people could have even written me a card, something with a bit of thought. Anyway. I just felt (and it was clear they did too) that I was being ungrateful. I just want something memorable. I’m not going to ASK for a piece of jewelry, or a set of wine glasses, but I would be grateful and happy if I got them, and I would love them because they would be from someone who means a lot to me for a special day.

I just made the point that they’re asking someone who hasn’t bought anything in best part of two years. Mum said she completely understands, but I don’t think she does. Mum is always buying bits and bobs and decorations. Even though I gave her a Christmas pressie that morning (Kangaroo leather wallet, red, which goes with her new laptop bag), she was still going on about how she wanted a sparkly parasol from Karunda. Yes, they were lovely, but they were an inconvenience to carry. And big! If it were feasible, I would have bought one for myself. Anyway, I bought her a pearl Bracelet from there!

Andrew went into a bakery to buy a sausage roll. Mum asked me what was the matter. I said it didn’t matter, she would get more upset if I told her…then she got upset that I wouldn’t tell her. She assumed it was because of the shampoo. Hm…NO! We had Literally just been talking about birthday pressies. I told her and she had a bit of a sulk. We made it home. I was going to have a baked putato for lunch. Mum went to dig one out of the garden…They were little. I had beans with toast instead. For some reason, mum and Andy said my lunch looked lush…it was the same as theirs, I just put my beans in a bowl and cut my toast into soilders. didnt get it personally.

Just before school pick up, I went to Minor Injuries for an X-Ray on my wrist. No Damage done, though it’s more painful than ever now. The Doc said it was just soft tissue damage, but surely that would be healed now, almost three months. And it probably shouldn’t be clicking. No strap, just use pain medication as required. And I was told off for not going to the hospital straight away. Well…It didn’t hurt that much when I did it, I said it was a long term pain problem. Plus, I wouldn’t have gotten to a hospital for at least another week, and I thought it was a sprain and when I realised it wasn’t. it was kind of too late to claim back on my health insurance. “I’ve done a fair bit of traveling myself” he said. Hm, not in Out back Australia, where you literally have to phone a helicopter to get to you or wait two weeks for a doctor to come to your village! Anyway, I wasn’t in there long and when I got out, Dex was waiting.

We went to the library to take some books back and went to the co-op for electricity and to pay rent. I got a couple of books too. We then headed back to Mums. (Tee hee, just copying pictures onto my hard drive – apparentley it’s going to take 44698 day and 18 hours….could be here a while!!!). Dex and I played the wii for a bit, I didn’t know how to play really, but the screen hurt my eyes. We did play for a good 40 minutes, before I got fed up. Dedx seemed okay with the play we did have. I cracked open a book, Dex put on Youtube videos, so loud it could be heard in AUstraliua, Andrew and Dex were aurging, Darrell was cutting hedges, and the TV was on. The noise was all a bit too much. I told andy I was going for a lay down, and to get me up in half an hour or so, weather I was asleep or not. I did fall asleep, but I wasn’t that tired, just relaxed.

I woke up just as mum was putting Dex to bed and reading him a story. I was upset. I missed out on Dinner with everyone. I missed out on reading Dex a story before bed. I missed out on spending some time with everyone. Lets face it, i was due to be back at university in the next three weeks. In that time I had a lot of people to see. I didn’t exactly have a whole lot of time with them before I’m gone again for 6 or so weeks. Maybe more. I had a bit of a cry. I head Mum say she would come and check on me in a bit. Well, I stayed awake past everyone going to bed, and until about 1am. No one came to check on me. I woke at about 4am. I had already had a decent amount of sleep, I didn’t need to do a whole lot more. I sorted some things out for this end on the world. I went to pee, Darrell was down there. He told mum I was awake, and after he left, Mum bought be Breakfast in bed.

She made polite conversation, asked about the kind of things I needed for Uni, my financial status, people I need or want to see, things I have to do, She asked me what was the matter. I said I was a bit upset she didn’t wake me up last night. I had specifically asked to be, so I could spend time with everyone. She said Andrew never told her that. Then she said it was what she (and later Darrell thought best). Really, the worst thing for someone who “has jet lag” (Which I didn’t) it to get them out of a routine. You want to put them INTO a routine. Being in bed for the night at 5pm, isn’t good. As predicted, she got all shitty with me. She said I had better get booking my train tickets if I was planning to stay there the next two weeks. Funnily enough, that’s what I had been doing. She went down stairs to get Dexter dressed – A Dexter who didn’t want to go to school. She was now cranky at him too. Just the previous day she said it was unfair that the school had complained about his attendance, it was pretty good considering how sick he had been, now she was saying she didnt want a repeat of last year where he just sat around watching videos all day because he couldnt be bothered to go to school. Most the time, we had to go to school when we were sick.The one time I managed to milk it for an extra day, I actually was more sick than I thought…and continued to be for a further three weeks…I still had to go to school. I only had 2 days off when I had tonsillitus!!!!

Mum returned upstairs to announce that I should pack my bags, she would help me to the train station. I said I hadn’t got my keys for my new place. She sat down and smiled and in the sweetest voice ever, said “Thats a shame, hurry up.”

Not even 48 hours.

I don’t think I have ever been more hurt in my whole entire life. My dad threw me out the house yeah, but he was depressed and saw me every week. I hadn’t seen my mum for over a year. This is the mum who posts on facebook that she misses me and can’t wait for me to come home. Only to look good, probably, but still. Not even 48 hours and she wants rid of me. She said no one wanted to be around me, I had been horrible to everyone, critisising her parenting skills, being nasty to Andy. I said she bought up those conversations and Andy had done his fair share of being Nasty too. She went downstairs. I started to pack. I was glad I hadn’t even started to unpack. She came upstairs and said she didn’t want me to leave and asked why I looked so angry.

I broke down. I haven’t cried so uncontrollably and hysterically ever. Not when dad threw me out, not even when I first broke my arm. I was so hurt. She gave me a hug but when she told me to stop crying and I said I couldn’t she told me to stop being a petulant child. “You’re exactly like your father. You’re a horrible person and you’re going to die sad and alone.”

I told her she said horrible things and did horrible things and she doesn’t even realise it. She told me I better hurry up with my bags and promptly started the school run. I rang Gunk and asked If I could go there. I left a message. I had an email saying I could pick up my keys that day if I wanted. I got a call back form gunk, who advised me to talk it over with Mum before I left. The only reason I stayed till she arrived was because there was no spare keys to lock up. I didn’t want she saying I was thoughtless and selfish on top of everything else she would use as ammunition against me. I did the dishes, cleaned the stove, looked for a vaccume cleaner, tidied downstairs, tidied dexters room. I looked out the window and saw her coming back. All of my stuff was downstairs, I was ready to go. I told her I would be gone but I couldn’t find a key to lock up and put my bags on. She said she wanted to talk it over, fine.

She said I had been nasty. I said she hadn’t asked anything about Australia since I had been back. She said she had read all of my blogs, all of my post cards, all those skype dates (Yeah, I remember waiting around for hours, sometimes with no response at all; and as for the blogs, She hasn’t read most of them, otherwise she would DEFINITLEY have something to say about some of the stuff I do). She hasn’t asked me how Bec’s was – shame, because she would have liked their fusion resturant. She is an intelligent woman! I’m sure she can think of a question. She could have asked me how my journey was! Even Gant and Gunk asked me questions. She said she has been fine for the past year and it talked me all of two days to have her in tears again. I ,make her peeing worse! Then she bought up about how she took me to the Doctor because she thinks I have a disorder (of course she does) about needing to be in the center of attention all the time. As if she did a big thing for me. She thinks I need to go back. The doctor said I was fine. Here’s the thing. No one else in the world seems to think I have that problem. My Dad had a bipolar love hate for me, but still doesn’t even think I have that. I have been much happier for the last three years, not having someone telling my I am selfish, spoiled and attention seeking all the time. I said maybe, she is the one with a problem, because as soon as I something else happens, she makes it all about herself. About her books, about her pee, about how She feels (ho its all my fault p- always is). She exploded. So you’re better without me then? She demanded. (Funny how it’s about her again). I just replied “Maybe I am.”

“You need to leave,” She said.

“Just remember, you asked me to leave, when you go and tell everyone about how horrible and selfish I am,” I said.

“Get out of my house before I slap you,” She said. I’m going!!! She followed me out the door – pause to go to the toilet for dramatic effect. She watched me struggle with my bags through the narrow walk way. I bet she enjoyed every second of that.

So, the handle broke off one of my suitcases half way to the train station, so I caught a bus the rest of the way. The bus driver had a go at me for not hailing the bus (I did???). The bus dropped me off just as far away from the station as I started, though at least it was a flat surface. I bought a ticket (over Β£40, because it wasn’t an advance ticket – “It’s because its such a big distance,” explained the ticket man…I’ve bought plane tickets from Melbourne to Tasmania for less than that!!!) I considered taking my library books back, or asking the ticket man to, but I thought, I have to come and collect my bed linen at some point, so I’ll take them back then. I phoned my land lord. I thought I would try mobile, but the pay phone was expensive and his phone clearly doesn’t accept withheld numbers. I got onto the train and got talking to a lady on there. I borrowed her phone, which she wasn’t happy about initially, thinking I was going to call over seas. I would pick up my Keys at 5pm. I would arrive in Bangor at 1.30pm.

I wobbled up to my new flat. No one offered to help me, obviously. I thought I would knock on the door to the flat downstairs, just in case, Chulin or Lucy decided to stay for the summer. I was in luck! Chulin was leaving in about 20 minutes, but let me stay in the flat for a couple of Hours. Lucy would be back in an hour or so, so she text her saying there was a surprise waiting for her. Lucy was suprised! She did not expect a human being in her lounge room – much less on that had been in Australia for a year! We went to maccas for lunch. Well, I did, I shouted her a coffee. It’s so cheap!!! We then went to Boundary miss for some sheets. There were some hypoallergenic ones on sale, so I bought two and some pillow cases, though I need to go back, as they have pretty photo frames on sale πŸ™‚ I picked up a few bits and bobs, toioletries, pens, and we made it back. We had a cuppa, and the land lord then came with my keys. I spent a couple of hours chatting to lucy and her new boyfriend Dan and we had a good catch up. They can’t believe how Aussie I sound.”Authentic” was the term used. Thats good, right? Dan said I sounded much less high pitched, squeaky and excitable than I used to, which is deffinitley a good thing. Then we reminiced over first year, others in our cohort. It was interesting to see that people thought I was a peer guide because I was so bubbly and confident in first year…funny. That’s how I made friends in Chemistry…It’s what caused me to not have friends when I started psychology.

Later in the evening I went to the super market, and started to get settled into my flat.

The next morning I was up bright and early. I totally sorted out my room. Laundry done, Bed made, Shower had, lunch eaten, I made a trip into town. I needed to get some bits and bobs and get my computer fixed. It only took 15 minutes and Β£10, which is pretty damn good – especially as i was prepared to give in and get a new one. There’s still a few year in the old boot yet! The guy said the older machines tend to be a bit better, more durable and last longer anyway. Plus, the operating system is as good as it gets. (I have Vista). Cool beans! I went into a few op shops looking for some tops. It turns out sparkly neck lines are very in season! Well, they were, and there’s a lot in the op shops, for like Β£1! Bargain!!! I went into Carphone Warehouse to have a look at getting a phone. I have to admit, I was seriously considering not getting one. But the guy serving me was pretty good looking. I was looking at contracts, so I needed a credit check. I didn’t have my account number with me, so I would need to come back another day. He was friednly and chatty though, but obvioously a sales person, so would just push anything. I would do my research, and then come back. I went up to Rathbone to hand in my transcript and headed home to make some dinner. Mussles and Pasta – yummy πŸ™‚ (and actually really cheap!…but not local…)

I was suring facebook when I saw Sophie say something about her last day in Bangor. I thought she would be home by now! I scribbled her a message, asking if she was still here. She was!!! We arranged to meet for drinks later that night. I took her on a little tour around main arts and planned to take her to the Greek…buy it was empty, so we headed to the Belle Vue instead, which was cosy. Unlike both of us, we both had a drink. Tim recognised me and we said hey, but it was cut short. Sophie and I had a great catch up and agreed we need to see each other more often. She loved Bagnor and wants to do Post Grad out here! I said she is welcome to stay in Bangor whenever she wants. I walked home (OH MY GOSH ITS COLD!!!!) and was tucked up in bed before midnight. It was a great night out πŸ™‚

I had an indoor Day and caught up on some computer stuff. I arranged to meet Sophie and Her Mum for dinner. It was a day that went by quickly. I caught up with kelvin and we arranged to meet on Sunday. I caught up with Tamsin too and we arranged to meet on Saturday afternoon. I’m feeling very popular right now – everyone wants to see me!!! :p I finally got a message from mum asking where I was and if I was okay. I just said I was fine. Sophie, her mum and I went out for dinner at the Tap and Splie – good hearty food. A foreign couple asked me what I had been eating. I had a Giant Yorkshire pudding…They must be a truly british thing. It was nice to have a good catch up πŸ™‚

The next day I woke up late, but went to suprise Sophie and her Mum at the train station to wave them off. They said I am welcome to come over for christmas if I want to – there’s no way they will let me spend christmas on my own. That was very thoughtful of them πŸ™‚

I went for a mooch around town, printed off some CV’s, applied for some jobs, before heading home and applying for a few more jobs online. I have been at University for three years. The Last thing I want, it for be flipping burgers in Mc Donalds. I have applied for Many jobs there though and they don’t seem to be keen on empolying me. There are some long winded application processes. Oh well. Tamsin was here before long to drag me out of my pool of dispair. We compared timetables and she dragged me out of my mess with student finance and emails. I locked myself out of Student Finance, so they sent me an email. Hotmail now needs Security Codes. My back up email is also Hotmail, so that one needed a Security code too…for which the back up was the initial email. I was locked out of both. Whoops. Turns out you an use a phone number to get your code, so tamsin used hers. My email is now registered to her phone :p

After a cuppa and sorting out student finance, I went to tamsins for dinner. We had a curry. She lives her her Boyfriend Dan, who is actually really nice. I didn’t feel like I was third wheeling there. They have a photo of me in their room – I told photo me to not look whilst they’re having sex :p Tee hee, they will only be able to think of that now!!!

On Sunday, Kelvin Came over. We had a big catch up. I can not believe how much of my blog he has read! I’m impressed! He said he noticed that I miss transport a lot..interesting. And true!!! He hasn’t even found out about the time I missed the plane!! He said it was good to read raw thoughts all just blurted out on the page, I guess it is. I wouldn’t read it. It’s too long. I might one day, but probably not for the next 5 years! I have to finish writing it first!!!

We went for a walk up bangor mountain and then came back for lunch. We are both pretty unfit now. Me, because of the lack of excersice, and him…well, he has broken his back. I made a bean chilli for dinner before we settled down to watch strictly. It was good. I’ve missed Kelvin. We said we would meet up again soon. I can’t believe he might be leaving north wales again soon 😦 That makes me sad.

Today I went to hand in some more job applications and after much searching, I think I have found two potential phone contracts. The guy from the other day was in there again, and we kept getting side tracked with my application, just chatting. He said a number of times that I was funny. I’ll take that as a good sign πŸ™‚ I had to autograph on this electronic thingy instead of paper and my writing was atrocious. He thought there was a heart on my signature….it was actually a B. He said my credit check was the quickest he had ever seen, so I must be doing something right. I’m pretty proud of that! I must have a perfect credit rating πŸ™‚ I was a bit worried initially, as Mums name showed up when he searched my previous addresses and I know hers is not so good. I didn’t want that to influence me. I finally got my phone. Its a fancy one and only Β£7.50/month! And instead of paying Β£25 for my phone upfront, I paid Β£25 for 1 years warranty and got a free phone! Awesome!!! I walked away a happy girl.

I looked around town a bit more, picked up a couple more job application forms and went to look for a pair of flats, seeing as my shoes consist of a worn out pair of thongs, my walking boots, my brown boots and a pair of white heels. I feel I need something more casual…that I can wear in shorts (boots don’t cut it!) There are hardly any shoes in my size in Bangor. The shoes they did have are school shoes or little flowery wedges, so I decided to give it a miss for now. I’ll have a look on Saturday when I meet Meg in Chester.

I had a big cook up and made a whole stack of chicken a Vegetable soup, as well as chicken kievs, baked potato and veggies for dinner. I have a butternut pumpkin, which tasted okay…a bit water compared to Aussie ones though. I also applied to a few more jobs. If I apply for every job in Bangor, one is bound to accept me…surely. I really want the Job at Next though. I kind of have my heart set on that one now!

Right-o. Time to get on with something else! Life waits for no one here. I guess its not quite so bad as I thought it would be. Lucky I have some good people around to cheer me up! πŸ™‚



Back on home turf


Well, I’m back in the UK and yep…It sucks as much as I remember it doing. It smells like vomit at some points and at others, like I sharted myself…which I thought probable for a moment, so I checked, but I haven’t. It’s been 26 hours since I left Australia. My plane was late, so I was on the Aussie mainland untill those very last few precious minutes. I shed a few tears when we took off and I could see beautiful melbourne all lit up underneath me. After dinner and a movie, which actually was as luxurious as it sounds, vermicelli noodles, followed by a spicy red Thai vegetable curry and ended with Apple and mango crumble, I tried to sleep. I managed about 5 hours all up, but I fidgeted through all of it and felt so unrested. I thought I had maybe only slept for two. It did leave me plenty of time to watch movies. Four more movies. Before hopping off the plane, and making my way through security, reconnected with the world and updated my Facebook status, frantically searched for a new post card, which, actually, don’t exist in Doha, and pulled up at my gate. I sat down to catch my breath, before realising my bag was open…the top part was quite empty. I may have dropped something, though I can’t be sure…I’ll find out when I unpack I guess. I did hear sirens and alarms going off….one of my skanky traveller jumpers is probably causing a national all security threat as I speak. Oops. I stuffed my body warmer in the space no longer needing it in the Arabian heat and realised the queue was almost gone…and gates were literally just about to close. Whoops. I ran in…and they couldn’t find my ticket reservation! Oh no! I got a seat, an aisle one as well, so it wasn’t too bad. I was awake for that flight in its entirety, but kept myself busy blogging, talking to people on the plane and writing some last minute post cards. The plane took a very long time to land, but kudos to qatars pilots, they do very smooth take offs and landings. I never realised what useful of a thing my little digital chip doo dah thingy in my passport is. Until today. It meant I only had to wait in a queue of about 5 people to go through customs and immigration, instead of a 45 minute queue to be seen by a person. Sadly, I think that was the highlight of my trip. I retrieved my bags quickly, and someone even offered to help me onto the tube with them. I only missed the tube doors closing by about 30 seconds, so had to wait another half an hour for another tube. Turns out its not a straight forward tube ride to euston. More do you change at the central line. I got off the tube, only to find it was no where near where I needed to be, so hopped on the central line for one stop, to get to the northern line, which euston was on. I then caught the tube in the wrong direction before getting off and getting back on in the correct one, all the while with my back pack, handbag, two suitcases, one of which has a broken handle, and a swag, and climbing up and down no less than 8 flights of stairs, eventually, reaching London euston station. Then I had to buy a ticket and make a call. I used most of my coins that I left to myself last time I was in the UK, to make a call. 60p for 30minutes. I put in 70p. I rang mum and she told me to get on and call gunk. Ah…you need another 50p to make another call. I couldn’t be bothered with getting change and hauling myself over to make another call. I re checked my journey. London Midland only. Great, I am yet to make another change in Birmingham. With less time under my belt than I though, I got to the Train platform,without getting a drink, or a snack, which I am not regretting. Oh well. I just caught a glimpse of the rolling country side people keep talking about. It really is hilly. Australia is very, very flat. Not that green though. It’s quite yellow at the moment. The trees look really strange now. They really look like the lolly pop shaped things you draw as a child. They don’t look like that in Australia. They grow far apart, from their own branches and each other. They’re spacious and with a lack of leaves that makes them look spindly. A green that looks almost grey in competition to English trees.

The people are still not very nice here though

Thanks for the Memories


Thanks for the memories
Well, that’s it then. 14 months living in Australia is all over. I spent my last day saying goodbye to friends, wandering through some of my favourite places in Melbourne with lunch from one of the best streets. I dragged my body weight in stuff to the air port, only to spend an hour at the air port sorting through stuff to get rid of.
Thanks to everyone who made my year so amazing and so sad to leave this beautiful country today.
To Charlie and corbs…My first two friends in Australia! To bec and Donna, two lovely ladies, who despite everything that went on in it house, remained brilliant friends. Lilly, Melissa and Colin – my international buddies! Thanks for all the experiences and days out πŸ™‚ we had some awesome times, many I won’t forget! To the h block hippos, for being exactly like a family. You all left your mark in one way or another and made res a great experience. To my fantastic work away host brad, and my fellow minions. Dave, smashley, Reuben, Mark, Kat. Thank you for teaching me how to drink! Sort of! But especially to brad, for having so much faith in me, giving me the confidence to carry out so many amazing tasks. And to totally take over your kitchen. To Angela, Nick, John, Charlene and everyone else at coogee who made Christmas and New year – there will never be one like it again, and I’m glad we saw the new year in with the way it was meant to continue πŸ™‚ to Kim, who got me out seeing all sorts of things, from rainbow beach to Mary poppins tributes. To edit and Erica, who proved to be some of the best house mates I could possibly ask for with all their friendliness, hospitality, cooking, dancing and cups of tea! To group 9 the best class in the world. You guys are hilarious! I couldn’t have imagined a better class to drag my lazy but out of bed for an hour and a half commute into uni for πŸ™‚ To my diving buddies, Gabriella, who helped me find nemo and fabrics, who made sure I didn’t get eaten by a shark. The rock to top group, who stuck it out all the way with me, Laura, Lisa, Mike and of course to lolly and Caroline and Caroline, who gate crashed half way though. It was tough! But we made it! And to Rhiannon and Steve and their lovely children, who took me in at a moments notice and treated me like a friend/sister/daughter and showed me what being a real aussie family is all about πŸ™‚
And that’s just to mention a few. I couldn’t possibly forget all the people who randomly helped me out and did so out of the kindness of their hearts.
Thanks for having me Australia, I’ll be back soon!!!

Bye Bye Bec :(


After a great nights sleep and a sleepy goodbye to Erica, I was home alone. I think. Daniel may have been there, but I have no reason to believe we was. I booked an appointment to see a doctor and in the mean time, sorted through my suitcases to try and get rid of a few bits and Bob’s. I got rid of about three things. It’ll Do. I haven’t really gained that much stuff.
A pair of shoes for bro ball
And I bought three shirts and a pair of shorts in Canberra
And an unlimited pair of shoes, though I have lost every last pair of them
And I did buy two dresses, a top, a skirt and a jumper in surfers.
Plus typo has really nice note books. And a keep cup.
So does kiki k.
And you can dive now…with books…and goggles…
And my res plate/shirt/year book.
And a linin set.
Though I did loose/ruin a heap of clothes.
And I did use up a couple of note books.
But I only came out with 22kg, including my 4kg laptop, so really, I should be alright.
Whilst that doubt played in my mind, j cleared up the apartment, went to the doctors and waited. And waited. For 45 minutes. Good job I booked early. The doctor confirmed, it was just stress. He insisted no more anti dhiorreah tablets as that is my body healing itself. No healing on aeroplanes! I was put onto fluid replacement therapy via energy drinks and was told to eat liquid foods. I asked the doctor to look at my wrist too. I said I need to get it xrayed, especially as any damage would be showing up now. Most damage done to my wrist wouldn’t show up for at least 8 weeks and with all the movement I have been doing with my wrist, it is probable I could need surgery. Whoops.
I git some lunch from one of my favourite alley way stalls – pumpkin soup with freshly baked bread and went to the library to send bec a message before I jumped on two trains and a coach, all the way to sheep hills turn off to see bec πŸ™‚ the driver was very excited when I said it. He doesn’t get passengers there often, and he told me to remind him so he doesn’t forget! The bus stopped right at the end of the drive to bed a gate and there was bec waiting for me with a big hug πŸ™‚ I was warmly greeted by her mum Nikki when I got in the house, and not so happily by Gracie the dog. She warmed up a bit when I threw some toys for her. Later, Mark arrived and soon after that, so did because dad. We sat outside by Billy, their heater and talked until dark, then went inside for steak and chips for dinner. It’s going to be strange, knowing that’s not a normal thing to have for dinner back at home. It’s a special thing. After some Gracie cuddles, chocolate, the block and the footie show, it was bed time.
I woke up super early on Friday. I don’t know why. Bec wasn’t up yet, so I sat in bed and looked through some photos. Wow. I can be sexy when I want to be. NOT!!! Hehehe. We watched the morning show and got excited when the friends reunion came on…but we were sorely disappointed when we found out it was just a set up. Booo
We showered and got ready for lunch at th bakery. We both ordered schnitzel and gravy rolls. They were delicious, and very filling. Mark came along and bought his Dad, who was later accompanied by his wife, and later their daughter joining in the fun. They’re lovely people and I’m surprised they remember me. We had to go. As bec had to go to work in dimboolah. We drove up there and arrived at her office. It shares with a real estate company, so there was plenty of potential homes there….one for only $52,000….that’s about 1 year of a person’s entire income in the UK. Crazy cheap!!! Move me in yesterday! Not that I need a house I have a room In bec and marks New house. And I have a swag πŸ™‚
I took off on a little tour. I wandered around the shops…not that there was much to see, before walking around the corner to a national park. I decided to do the shortest walk, around the lake. It was a pretty walk. I sat watching a galar for about 10 minutes, willing it to come closer…It did,after I moved from my seat. There was also a random bridge. Not crossing anything, just placed. I took a selfie on there, racing across the bridge before the ten second timer took the photo. Just in time! Just as the photo snapped, a car went driving by, giving me an odd look and my camera simultaneously ran out of battery. Thank goodness I had my spare! I continues my walk and there was a really long windy path…or a part of the river than no longer held any water, so I decided to take a short cut over the empty river. When I had crossed it I found out only 10m later, there was a path already scuffled out. Oh well! Having made my way safely across, I didn’t have much further to walk until the end of the river, where there was damn. There was a lot of water rushing, though, but looking at the rest of the river, I guess it was no where near as full as it usually can be. Despite the rushing flow of forcefull water, only 50 or so meters away there was a resevior tucked away in the reeds. Odd. I’ve never really seen reeds like that tucked away in the water in Australia before. I hear things moving around in the bushes…I wondered If I should be wary of anything…Snakes, Spiders, y’know. I dismissed the idea. It would be too cold for that now. Surely!!! There was a little board walk across the resevior, so I decided to cross and walk back along the other side of the river. I walked, keeping the river on my right hand side. It had been on my left the entire way up,. so it made sence to me. I was just telling myself to think like an abroiginal. they know where they aren because they takenote of all the natural land marks. They survived for thousands of years, so it can’t be that much of a hard theory to abide by. I carried on walking, and before long I was in a golf Course. Exciting…But I didn’t remember seeing a golf course on the other side of the river on the way up. Hmm. Oh well, the river was still on my right, so I carried on. The vegetation started to get thick. I wasn;t right next to the river any more, though it was still on my left. I kept going. I eventually found a bridge so I could cross to the other side of the river, Yes, That should be right. I didn’t recognise it. There surely wasn’t any lonely houses in the paddocks on the way up??? I checked the times on my photos. I had been walking for about twice as long on my “way back” Than I had been on the way up. I checked my phone. Off. Whoops. I turned it on. It had a droplet of battery left. I got a text from Bec…Warning me about brown stakes and lizards. And then the battery died. Oh no. Okay, I had been walking for ages. I could carry on, and maybe, make it back, or just grin and bear the long walk back and try to re-trace my steps. I just had to follow the golf flags back, surely!! So I did. I began to recognise the golf flags, much to my relief and found myself back at the resevior. For the umpteenth time during my stay in Australia, I have to be thankfull for something for getting me out of messes. Weather that be my eventual common sence, or a greater being, I’ll never know. But I have made it out of some messy situations. I finally made it back to the very start of the walk. First things first..A post card! Of course. there’s no way I couldn’t tell Dexter about my adventure. I then went to get an energy drink, seeing as water wasn’t holding down very well (I had been sick on my walk…water really wasn’t agreeing with my stomach). I was still supposed to be drinking all my electrolites anyway. I then went to see Bec, who was almost finished with her work.

When Bec had finished, we went for a little drive. We went to play on this old steam train that had been left as a monument and made a great climbing frame and cubby house. It was real, so all the doors opened and there was ladders all over so you could climb into and onto different bits. I thought it was very cool πŸ™‚ We then went for a little drive to the little desert. Considering there is a river flowing through it in a horseshoe shape, and it was pretty full, the area was quite barren. There wasn’t much vegetation at all, though it did make for easy wildlife spotting! We saw Kangaroos, Wallabies and even an echidna! (though the echidna scuttled away from us straight away). We were both feeling pretty proud with ourselves πŸ™‚

That evening, Bec and Mark took me to a newly re-opened fancy resturant called the rusty spoon. It is decorated with all sorts of things. Tea pots, the table from the old council office with the chairs to go with it, The logos from beer taps, a rocking horse, a saddle. Just about any weird thing you can think of, I’m pretty sure they had one. It didn’t look cluttered though. It was all clean and neatly organised and arranged around the room. It was big and airy, and nice and warm with all the fires they had going!

They had an awesome menu. It was all fusion – East meets west kind of food, so everything looked interesting and delicious. Bec and I shared a platter to start. There was brushetta, prawns, callamari, a cabbage thingy, chicken wings, and it was all delicious! We agreed it was a greta idea when you can’t choose what to eat.

For mains I had chicken and prawn with a spinach risitto. It was so yum!!! The risotto was a nice texture, and really creamy and the chicken was cooked to perfection! It had avacado and sundried tomatoes in it, which were lovely too…and a prawn shoved up the chooks bum!!! hehehe πŸ™‚ Bec had Baramundi and Mark had Steak (He really wanted a parma…but they didn’t have any of those!) None of us could finish our meals…I tried. I ate all my meat though πŸ™‚ We got cholctae brownies to take away πŸ™‚ I then had to say goodbye to mark 😦 I like Mark. It’s still not easy saying goodbye, even when it’s someone you aren’t hugely close to. Bec and I snuggled on the couch with our brownies when we got back. Gracie wanted some…naw, it’s hard to say no to those big brown puppy eyes! What a cutie πŸ™‚ We decided we should probably have an early night before heading off early in the morning.

And it was an early morning!!! Before the sun was up anyway!! We arrived nice and early for the bus and headed into Maccas for breakkie πŸ™‚ Beofre long (after eating and drinking and taking selfies and posting them on facebook and reassuring Nan that I hadn’t left the country yet, and I wasn;t yet in the UK, nore was I ever going to be in Dubai and I woudn’t call when I got there because a) That would be expensive and b) that would be the middle of the night and c) I could well miss my next plane) It was time to head for the bus 😦 We said our goodbyes and absoloutley promised to see each other soon. And we will. I think Bec is one of those people I will stay friends with for a very long time. Maybe not in close contact all the time, but I think we will remain in touch, I hope so anyway.

I returned to Melbourne and went to my favourite street for some yummy street food. I opted for soup again. I was very sad as I exited the street, realising it would be a good few years before I would return to it. I went to sit at Federation square and soaked up the sunshine. How many times had I sat there and enjoyed the sunshine, the street performers, the free wifi. I love it there. I don’t know why that spot in particular. I guess its where it’s all happening, Always something going on. And there was the guy who randomly came up to me and asked me out on a date! I’ve kind of always wanted that sort of thing to happen. Part of me wishes I had gone on it now.

Anyway. I caught the tram to St Kilda, with just one thing I really wanted to do before I left the country. Go on Australia’s oldest roller coaster at luna park. I was excited as I went in, I got out my money, and asked for just one ride ticket. I was asked if I knew what ride I wanted to go on. When I said the roller coaster, I was informed the roller coasted had been out of action for the last month and was undergoing maintainence work. But it’s my last day!!! I almost wailed at her. She couldn’t do anything, so I left, with money in my hand…and not a lot else 😦 I guess I’ had a lot of chances to do it, but never did, Well that’ll teach me to seize the day!!! Oh well. Next time…if it’s still there. I good story I suppose.

I caught the tram back and went to meet Edit to collect our house keys. I popped to the Queen Vic Market (Forgetting it was a saturday and it was actually on!!!) to get a boomerang for my Cousins, Henry, Connie and Ros. Red, just liked they asked for. I have no idea if it’ll return or not. I assume not. I made it back to the apartment and said goodbye to Oliver and Edit. I hope I get to see them again one day. I’m sure Erica will still be in Australia, but I’m not so sure about Edit. We’ll meet again. Somewhere in the world! I’m positive πŸ™‚

I spent my last afternoon skyping mum, having a final sift through of my belongings to try and cut a bit of weight, and having a shower, before putting on my coat and saying goodbye to our beautiful apartment one last time. 😦 Sad times. I walked to the coach station no worries and was rewarded with a luggage trolley once I got there. Wish you could get those from your home and take it to the station! Would have been way easier!!! It was a struggle getting my dollar coin in the slot. It did not want to accept it at all! We finally got going though πŸ™‚ With in a couple of minutes I was on the bus and within less than an hour, I was at the air port.

I thought I should weigh my bags before check in. Just to make sure. Thank goodness I did!!! My checked baggage weighed over 50Kg…and my carry on was 16Kg. I was allowed 30+10. How did my bags get that heavy???? Okay, I would get rid of some things. Not Belly Dance Gear. No way. Not my Jumpers, I was going to need those when I got back. Not my maps and stuff, I have grown quite fond of them. I moved my laptop into my carry on, re arranged my entire bag and eventually, got rid of most of my clothes and several balls of wool…I have no idea why I had those. Thing is, nothing was heavy!!! I also got rid of my bed linen. I liked it, but didn’t love it. I got rid of all sorts of things…a key chain that weighed a Kilo!!! I eventually resorted to putting on a jumper that weighed 700g. I was just a smidge under. Phew. The worst bit was having to throw everything in the bin, There wasn’t a recycling bin or anything. All those perfectly good items, just gone to waste. I went to check in. A nice short queue thankfully, Despite being 3 and a half hours early, there was now only 40 minutes until check in closed…I spent a really long time decluttering my bags! Then…they weighed my carry on baggage! NOooooooo!!! That never happens! They told me to put 2 kilos into my checked. I put in my notebooks and diving books. They gave me the okay. Phew. I am one lucky girl. After an hour or so of faffing around waiting at the airport we are on the plane. Time for dinner and a movie!

Just in time for take off. 11.54pm. My visa expires in 6 minutes.

Bodily breakdown


After packing everything up and piling everyone in to the car,we said our goodbyes to Rhiannon a grandparents and left. Not even ten minutes of being in the car and I was ready beginning to feel travel sickness. I rummaged my bags for some pills, while Rhiannon went into he fuel station for some plastic bags…just in case. A couple of stops and no more than 30 minutes later, I had throw up into a bag. Luckily it was quite neat, and pulling over to throw the bag away and rinse my mouth out…and on an uhh unrelated note, to give Amelia a bottle, I was feeling much better. I took two travel sickness pills and an anti nausea tablet and was feeling okay. Travel sickness pills make you cross though and despite being able to stay awake chattering to Rhiannon forty minutes or so, I was out like a light for the remainder of the journey. I was very drowsy when I woke up. I baby Sat the little kids for an hour whilst Steve and Rhiannon went to make a complaint about their tv and when they returned, I was feeling very sleepy, so I went for a Lay down and climbed right out. I emerged a couple of hours later, only to go straight back to bed. I was very sleepy. Rhiannon came to check on me at about 9pm with a bottle of water and gatorade. I usually drinkable much water and had drank nothing all day! She was glad I stirred, especially as I was so out of it the rest of the day. I awoke at about 2am for a little while and considered getting out of bed. It didn’t bode well for the rest of the day, and ended up drifting back to sleep after around half an hour until 7.30am. I was still feeling a bit off, so didn’t eat much all day. I spent the morning packing up my bag and getting rid if a few things ready for the new Amy as she was due to arrive that day. Considering my bag only usually takes half an hour or so to pack, this bag took me hours. I really wasn’t well. I can’t say I did much for the afternoon other than mope about a bit. I skyped Vicki for a little while in the afternoon which the kids were occupied in entertaining them selves with new Amy and Steve and Rhiannon were running some errands. I was a bit up set that aaliyah and Levi were having such a great time with Amy, by it was good that they were comfortable with her and enjoyed playing with her. They did, however, break a fair few rules, such as punching on the couch and they did start to play a bit rough. Levi got hurt and came straight over for a little cry. Amelia, on the other hand, didn’t really want to leave my sight and enjoyed babbling to Vicki for a while and cutting out conversation short by turning off the internet. Whoops! We had Lasagne for dinner. It was delicious, but I could hardly eat two proper sized mouthful before feeling on the verge of exploding.
I set up call for the night in my amazing new pink swag that Steve and Rhiannon bought for me as a leaving present, to say thank you for all my help. I think it is actually the best present ever. It was so kind of them to get me anything at l, especially something so big. They really didn’t need to. We piled in some blankets and pillow pets and its so warm and comfortable. I woke in the morning snuggled up anduh kicked the blankets off as the canvas alone was so warm. It was a good night’s sleep…apart from Levi getting up at the crack of dawn asking if he could sleep in it because he was still tired. I can’t remember what my reply was, but he did go away.
But someone else came. I went to the toilet, still feeling not quite right in the tummy. Sometimes having a poo helps.
I had the worst dhiorreah in the world. It was just water. And it smelled really, really, really bad. And it wouldn’t stop. I know I went to the toilet 5 times in the first hour and at least another 4 times before Rhiannon got back from school drop off and a promise of some anti dhiorreah tablets.
I showed New Amy the ropes. Where things are, what to do in each room, which cleaning products to use. We gave the floors a quick clean. Feeling better when I sit still, I sat at the New drinking table most of the morning, reading, with a Gatorade slowly being ingested and rapidly becoming my main diet. Eventually, there was nothing left inside of me so despite the tenants of pain when I moved, j went to lay down in levis bed for a while…his bed was closer to the power socket.
Before long, it was time to go. We moved levis card seat, so I could sit in the middle with Amelia. She loves her dolly and was giving it kisses and cuddles in the car…until she got fed up of it. We took a drive down to coolangatta airport going via the coastal route. So it was pretty. We went past Burleigh heads, which is supposed to have the best surf in the coast, and in all fairness, the waves were pretty good.
Rhiannon and Steve came into the air port to say goodbye and then that was it. Saying goodbye is really hard. I never feel like I say enough.
I just about made the last boarding call, so after checking in my bags that were 800g too heavy, but I was let off, I put my beautiful swag I oversized baggage and flew through security and pretty much straight onto the plane. And slept. All the way. In Melbourne, I bit the bullet and just bought a return ticket for the airport shuttle. May as well make it easy for myself.
I picked up a cake on route to my old apartment, where I was greeted by Erica and edit celebrating and saying “welcome home!” It was lovely to see them. They threw a little party and we had tacos, which my tummy celebrated them by them not being too spicy. Their new house mate is a pastry chef and made a beautiful fruit custard tart. It was a great evening with lovely company and conversation before finally, it got late, so I headed into the shower and I to bed. Mum convinced me to see a doctor about my tummy. She is insisting I call now for an appointment straight away, saying it’s an emergency. I said I would be sent to the hospital. Well, it is the middle of the night.

Toowoomba and the Babies


On Wednesday I finished doing the house cleaning that I hadn’t done on Tuesday, so mainly, the outside floors, as well as redoing the inside ones. I also spent a good hour or so picking up puppy poop from the garden. Who knew two dogs could poop so much! One this is for sure though, curried sausages and puppy bowels…doesn’t make for a nice poop. By the time I had finished, it was time to load everything into the car and make a move. We had a very sleepy Amelia on our hands, who even asleep before her bottle. She was quickly followed by me, as I fell asleep almost the whole way up to toowoomba, missing the cows and an emu farm. I did wake up in time to see some of the beautiful sights toowoomba has to offer. It’s high up and you can see for one hundred or so kilometres into the hilly distance, which is an impressive and rare view In Australia. We arrived at Rhiannon grandparents, who seemed lovely and whilst Rhiannon did some groceries, Levi, Amelia and I went to the park. (Aaliyah wanted to stay and spend some time with her granny). The park was only small, but it was a good one. There was a couple of swings, which both the kids enjoyed playing in…Levi even gave me a push on one of the swings. A three way rocking horse, which was pretty good fun and a great idea because it’s harder to over balance in one direction, and a slide built onto a hill. I was wearing super slippery tights, so I sped down with the kids on my lap, so much so, I fell a good he a meter off the bottom, landing on my bum! Licking girls the kids up so the landed on their feet! Amelia wasn’t so keen, so we put her back in the swing, whilst levi and i had a couple more slides. As much as Amelia did love everyone pushing her, she started to get a bit tired and cranky, so we decided to head back, take a bath and make some dinner for the littlest.
I swear I had the comforts sleep ever in a cloud of a bed with 10 million pillows, sleeping right through till 8.30am whoops. Levi had his four year old jobs, so whilst he had a Morning with Steve and Rhiannon, I had a morning with the girls. We got to work on making the six cakes that would eventually make up two fabulous specticals. We did the recipie straight into a stacking box. 1kg of chocolate, 4kg of flour, 2.5kg of sugar, and all the rest later, the sticky mixture was being baked… and would continue to do so for the next hour and a half. As would the next 5. We were to be baking all afternoon…Whilst watching the bachelor last night, we came to the realisation we had left all the fondant flowers in the fridge at home, so I got to work dying more fondant to a hot pink and cutting out plate fulls of little flowers. I had a little helper keeping me company, so what Rhiannon wasn’t looking, I let Levi eat the flowers that didn’t make the cut. He didn’t keep it such a quiet secret for long though!
On Friday, I stayed in again watching the kids whilst the grown ups ran some errands. Amelia was not herself. She was a bit more clingy than usual and fell asleep on my lap, even after her morning sleep. She slept for a good hour and a half. I spent the latter part of the afternoon helping to make baby shower favours, thank you bags, little decorations to go in the iced cupcakes and hunting to decorate the cafe with. Later in the evening, I stuck all the elbow dry fondant flowers onto the cake. I reckon it looked pretty good when we were done. Steve even said it looked professional, it was a good job well done. Rhiannon and I had a little celebratory dance and high five. It was a good job well done and we were both pleased πŸ™‚
Finally, the big day had arrived! Little Amelias first birthday! We spent as long as we could in our pyjamas, whilst Steve and Rhiannon purchased snacks for afterwards. It was a rainy day and not suitable for sausages in the park, so we were to celebrate in the hall out the back of the church. We got everyone dressed and finally the birthday girl! All dressed in a pretty white dress, a frilly laces bottom on her clean white tights, and a fluffy jacket,she was squeezed into tiny white shoes and a bow put around her head which she promptly pulled off. No one dared to put her down and risk dirtying her pristine white outfit! Everyone piled into cars and I had the ginormous task of having the ginormous cake on my lap. It arrived safely…phew!
We arrived in the cold church and had a short service. We were all invited to kiss Amelia on the head before her head was washed with oils and water and all sorts of stuff before finally being given a special candle…watching Rhiannon face drop just before as she realised we had forgotten the candle we had brought along for amelia. Luckily, the father had one ready to go. After the service we went into the hall where we had snacks and birthday cake. I didn’t know any of the people there really, except for Sam and her children, Rhiannon friends from the gold coast, and they didn’t seem to know anyone either, so I sat and chatted to her for a while. We also had a joint effort in feeding Amelia lunch, and wrapping her up in a tea towel, to try and prevent getting her dress all dirty, which paid off surprisingly well.
The gathering free to a close and Steve was feeling unwell, so we returned to Rhiannon grandparents, all changed into more comfortable clothing and snoozed the afternoon away.
I awoke particularly early on Sunday and hung out with Levi for a while until everyone else arose. We had toast for breakkie, and when he had had enough he said “here, you can have mine” and bobbed away to the couch to watch more tv. That was cute. Although I didn’t really want to eat his cold jam on toast. Rhiannon spent the morning icing the baby shower cake, whilst Steve took the kids out and bought then hungry jacks. I helped make moo cow spots to stick onto the cake, although there wasn’t quite enough. I still think we did a pretty awesome job, though I don’t think Rhiannon was happy with it. It looked incredible though. We went along to a quaint little cafe in the middle of a teeny creative villages it was all artistically decorated, something like an Alice in wonderland set, all very ornate. We set up all the games, the centre pieces, blew up balloons, put cupcake into their stands and added their decorations, set up tablues, placed the cake and put up bunting. We pulled It together just as the first guests started to arrive. It looked really good. Apart from a bit of drizzle. It was a proper little tea party. I went to sit with aaliyah and we decorated a baby grow. One of the girls at the table, who I later found out was Rhiannons sister in law kept throwing me dirty looks. I just Carried on with what I was doing. She had a lot to say, though nothing with any substance. I moved myself to sit s high Rhiannon once I had finished, who was with a much nicer bunch of ladies who were taking about uni and how simplified the tasks are…they’re right. Considering you are suppose to be an adult when you start that level of education. I almost won one of the games…I was only 2cm off guessing the size of the baby bump. Someone was only 1cm though.
It was time to pack up and leave. I was given a little pep talk by Rhiannon on the way back about her sister in law. She looks down on me because she thinks I’m the help. I know that I’m helping people, but I guess I never really thought of it like that before. I’m not really bothered by the fact that she thinks that. That is her shallow opinion. That’s why I really like working for Rhiannon. She treats me like a person. A proper member of her family. One family has just treated me as their full time permanent baby sitter. Another just treated me as their full time house keeper. Rhiannon gave me a great experience, plenty of time off to explore, do what I wanted to in a calm and relaxing environment, to spend time with them as a family and experience the fun things they like to do. It was a very two way relationship that gave in both directions. Yeah, I may be helping her, but she was helping me too. But since when does a job make you help? I actually really enjoy what I do. And if that kind of position makes me the help, I will take it any day over someone who has no job, stays at home all day and relies on the government to support them yet still insists on other family remembers to play a large role in the care of their children. Anyway, enough about her, she isn’t worth my time.
We were due to go to Steve’s sisters for a home made pizza dinner. We went to collect the boys after the baby shower. Aaliyah was faffing in the car looking fir something and the car auto locked her in to the car. Cleverly, she beeped the horn for attention, though we just thought she was messing around. She was quite upset when she was retrieved from th car…not surprisingly! After all the food I had eaten in the past could of days, I didn’t eat a huge amount amount of pizza although it was delicious. All the kids got tired quite quickly though. Whilst Steve, Amelia and Levi went to bed early, aaliyah, Rhiannon and I watched Charlie and the chocolate factory. It’s been a big few days! Back to the gold coast tomorrow, for my last 6 days in Australia…sad times.

Dreamworld 2.1


Last time we went to dream world, aaliyah didn’t get t ok go on a fair few of the rides she wanted to go on, as there wasn’t enough time by the end of the day and it was unfair getting Levi to wait around all day, so Rhiannon promised we could go back. As Amelia was at day care, us three girls went. I cleaned the house…all but outside, before 1.30pm rolled around and we went to pick up aaliyah from School a bit early. She was pretty excited. It was hot in the car and hot at the park, so I ditched my jumper in the back seat, I’m so glad I did. We got into the park and saw a big ride about to start with no queue, so we ran through the park to just sneak in the gates. We made it! We were on the claw. Oh my goodness…It was far worse this time than last time! It swung wah higher and span a lot faster I constantly felt upside down. It didn’t feel like a big swing this time, it felt like a roller coaster. I screamed. It was fun, but I felt pretty nauseous. Next up was the wipe out. We got a Bit wet and it went outside down a bit more and it hung upside down too. Wow, these rides were getting scarier! I dont know if that was because last time, chain saw made everything seem tame afterwards, or if it really was a more scary ride! The next ride was the cyclone roller coaster. That was a pretty cool. Exactly how I would describe a proper rollercoaster. Up and down, round and round, to the side, loop the loops, crazy sharp corners, near misses and swerving around attractions in the next park along. It wad pretty exciting! It did rattle us about a bit though, our ears knocking against the harness like a bell on an alarm clock. We then took quite a walk around the park, missing out zombie skirmish, because the queue looked quite long for something we didn’t know if it was any good, and headed up to the swinging mallets. We spent all the time in the queue trying to explain the difference between a hard and soft swing…though I think we got there eventually. Soft swing is 180Β° swings where as hard is the full 360 and half way through, swaps directions. Just like the other rides, this one was more nauseating than the first time, leaving us all feeling a bit dizzy and tender afterwards. Just as we got off the ride, Rhiannon got a phone call – weird! Good timing! We then went onto the next ride, which was the small Madagascar roller coaster. Apparently, one of aalyiahs friends cried on this ride. Well, apart from the fact that tracks are above your head rather than underneath you. There is nothing special about this ride. No loop the loops, no sharp corners and no gravity defying angles. It would be great if you were a kid, hey I would have loved it for most of my life, but it’s really not cry worthy! We then headed for the tower of terror, which aaliyah was probably the second most excited about (she was most excited about the giant drop, but it was closed that day for maintainence…but they are on the same building). I knew it went up backwards, I had been told that, but because of where and how the building was located and because of how we got into the queue, my brain couldn’t process that. You shoot up backwards through the tunnel up pretty Damn high-until you slow….then shoot back down facing the ground. It’s thrilling but I wouldn’t say that one is scary. I really enjoyed that one πŸ™‚ aaliyah wanted to go again…so did I to be honest! We had time for maybe one more ride, so I voted for the motorbike ride, so I could say I did the big 8. We got to cut a big chunk of the queue as an adult with child…who needed a smaller seat and as a single rider. I didn’t know how to strap myself in, and as I was told I could drive the motorbike, I freaked a bit, not knowing how to drive. Turns out, its far easier if the you let the ride attendants buckle you in. And the ride just drags you along, so that’s easy too! It’s fast and rocks from side to side a bit, but actually, it’s quite calm, so if you want to buy a photo where you look good rather than a screaming bowl of sweaty pulp, that would be the ride to get it from. Again, just as we aligjted from the ride, Rhiannon phone started to ring. Creepy as. The two times it had rang had been just as we hopped of a ride. It was getting late and we needed to leave so we could pick up the little kids from day care and beat some of the tragic on the way back. Turns out there was no traffic, but after Amelias second day at day care, she was ready to go home.
I got a call from Hayden at about 9pm whilst I was putting away laundry (she insisted she shouldn’t when I asked her if she should be in bed). She wanted to know what I had for breakkie, what I did in the morning, and what I did for the rest of my day. Well, in terms of what I did for the rest of my day, she couldn’t really have picked a better day to ask. Then she asked when I was going to see her because she hadn’t seen me in “a really long time and its not fair because the other lil girls and boys I look after see me all the time.” I just said I don’t know. I hadn’t seen my baby brother in a much longer time and I’m going to see him first. Justin is an idiot. Not only has he deliberately tried to press my buttons, but he has also upset his daughter by setting her up to fail about me going to see her. So much to him only wanting the best for Hayden.
Fair to say, that phone call put me in a bad mood, which was more detectable than I thought, as Rhiannon got a bit worried and asked me what was up, as well as sending aaliyah with hugs. A couple of minutes ties later when I was still a bit huffy aaliyah said “mum, you said a hug would make her better.” Okay, that made me laugh. After aaliyah went to bed, Rhiannon and I had a girly chat whilst making marshmallow fondant and eating stove toasted marshmallows…Well…Rhiannon made fondant and I ate marshmallows. She taught me a new way to eat them too, here you only melt and eat a layer at a time. It’s pretty good…and they do last longer. Think I’m converted
A cup of tea, a chat and a bucket load of pink sugar later, I feel heaps better. No one is going to ruin my days πŸ™‚

Lounging with the lorikeets


Today was my day to go to currumbin wildlife sanctuary after I received a voucher to go for my birthday (which was lovely). I packed a lunchbox and after we dropped aaliyah off at school, I was dropped of at the bus stop before Amelia had her very first day at day care! I caught the bus and before long I was at currumbin! It’s a very tiny town with all of its attractions located around one central car park.
When I arrived at the park, I found out my ticket also included the high ropes adventure course entry. Very exciting! As soon as i got into the park I was greeted with koalas! Heaps and heaps of them πŸ™‚ koalas, as cute as they are though, can sometimes be a bit boring…They don’t do a whole lot. There was a possum shoe on, and I really wanted to see that, so I could get my photo taken with the possum. The talk was on the other end of the park though… I got post stacks of times…and made it there just in time for the end of the talk. Great. I did make it in time for the possum petting though. I was last in line and well and truly the biggest kid there, but I don’t care. The possum was so soft! It was like a big fat bunny rabbit. But was gnawing his treat like a Hampstead. Adorable. A lovely lady took my photo for me, which saved me buying the wildlife park ones. Wish parks would give you that kind of thing for free, even if it bumped up the price of entry a bit. Anyway. I took a stroll through the forest walk, before turning around and heading back for the bird of prey show. It was a really good show. An owl flew, literally, millimetres above my head, brushing some of my sticky puppy hairs and she flew past. The kukaburras (cookie and rookie) were well trained and great entertaining the crowd. Boris the ibis mad an appearance and the kites were fantastic at catching their mice heads. Turns it they prefer white ones to black. The finale was supposed to be Mercedes the wedge tailed eagle. Over 1000000 had been killed during their cull, as people thought they were killing live stock. Turns out they just clear up all the dead.cattle and road.kill from the roads. If you lined up all the culled eagles and lined them up all stretched out, they would over the span of australia. Sad really. We were then given a warning to hold onto any xml children as she could easily pick.up a toddler with her claws and fly away with her to the next town along. In the end, Mercedes didn’t turn up. She was obviously free.roaming around the park. It was nice to know that the birds are free to fly around the park, free to come and go as they please…or so I though. Whilst the rest of the crowd went to watch a merino sheep being sheared, I continued to walk around to the high ropes.course…that was until, I saw Mercedes.
She was up in a tree being coaxed down by one of the keepers. Mercedes was not interested at all. In fact, she decided to play. She developed down and flew right past the keeper into another tree. She is a magnificent bird. Huge, so bit I’m surprised she didn’t fly into any trees or branches as she flew. Eventually, she was coaxed down and she was strapped onto a glove. I heard another keper talk down a walkie talkie “the eagle has been contained.” This actually upset me a bit. Turns out she wasn’t free to roam around as she pleased. She was kept in a small cage Like the rest of the birds. Too small for a large magnificent majestic bird. Sad really. I was able to get up pretty close though and take a few pictures. She has brilliantly large eyes, and is very vain. She posed for my pictures once she caught sight if herself in the reflection of my camera lens. Made for some great photos though! Before long, it was time for Mercedes to go back into her cage. I felt bad for her, but I guess there’s nothing I can do.
My next stop was a couple of dingoes. I sat and watched them for a while, when suddenly they peeler up, and started to howl. They pondered around and one of the dingoes was literally, right next to me. One of them tickled his nose right up against my hand. I wanted to pat him, but I was a bit scared he might bite. I could have stayed all day watching them they are fascinating animals. I would love a pet dingo. But then a stack of people came to watch the dingoes too…the merino sheep shearing show must have finished. I decided it was time to move on so I headed up the steep windy path to the high ropes course. I got kitted up and I was set off with a family. I clipped on with this awesome magnetic system, which ensures you are always clipped on and will never fall off. There are three levels. We started with green, which is pretty low, only 2-4m off the floor. It was mainly tight ropes and a few zip lines. I finished and graduated to the red level. It was a fair bit higher. There was more challenges…rope swings, nets to climb up, and gradually, the challenges got harder. There were tubes, with a massive gap in the middle to climb through, and swinging stepping planks quite far apart, which got the adrenaline pumping. Then there was a super long zipline, to zip to the end. That was so much fun!!! It was 10 minutes to 1, so I took w lunch break whilst I went to watch the crocodile show. It was pretty cool, I got to see a jumping crocodile and a few crocs with their mouths wide open. It was a good show. I git a pretty good view from behind the presentation platform, but I got a great view of Lily the croc. I then got in line to hold a baby salt water croc…one of the lethal ones! The baby croc was quite wriggly and was trying to get away from me. She was very warm and actually quite soft and squishy under her tummy.
I ate my packed lunch at a picnic table, where a few cheeky birds were within a few centimetres of me, trying to steal a couple of bread crumbs.
I redressed into my harness and decided to go on the croc course. It goes up and up fairly gradually, before you do a huge 150m airline over crocs!!! I just had to video that!!! So I attached my camera to my harness on my leg. It was pretty thrilling, but you are quite high up over the crocs and you only fly over the freshies so they’re pretty small, and really can’t be bothered with people. Oh well…English people don’t know that! I tried to go slow over the crocs to get a good video of them (I actually only got sky!)….so slow, I ended up stopping about 3/4 of the way down the zip line and had to pulley myself along the line. Well, I have better biceps than I thought! I then went to tackle the black course. It said it was for advanced people. Easy, I thought. It was for very tall people! I struggled with the ladder to get the initial height. I was up around 30m off the floor. There was tight ropes and zip lines, much longer than before, much higher, and much more scary! I was up high, almost right above the howling dingoes. That was an epic sight. In fact, being up so high was terrifying, but so rewarding. Next up…monkey bars. I am terrible at monkey bars. I couldn’t skip the first hoops, so I had to do all of them. I knew if I let go, I would really be struggling to the end, so I had to keep going. Obviously the momentum of swinging would carry me further faster. I had pretty much stopped swinging by the time I had reached the third or fourth hoop. I was going to let go, my hands were slippery, but I kept going. I made it! I clipped onto the platform. Oh my goodness. I was shaking. I was full of adrenaline. I was terrified, but on a high. Next up, it was swinging stepping hoops. Okay, not as hard. It was. There was less upper body strength involved, but you needed balance. The hoops swang around d, making it easy to get tangled up and hard to progress. I almost slipped a couple of times,but I got into a rhythm, found out something that worked, and eventually, just had o take a few wobbly and unbalanced chances, making a big step. Steps that paid off. The instructor congratulated me. The hard part over. It’s all pretty cruisy from there on out. I flew down the zip lines, down the tight ropes excited and happy. Then there was another massive ladder to make my way down. Uh oh. I don’t really like going down ladders at the best of times. It was actually easier though, as I was able to sit on each pole as I clipped myself onto the next set of magnetic lines. Before long I was done! I was so proud of myself! I decided I wanted to have one last try at visiting the crocs, so I made a last minute zip around the park. It laid off, I have a pretty good video of the crocs as I zip lined over them. I got stuck half way again and had to pulley myself down the line again. One of the park rangers was watching and told me not to mess around…though I dont know if she was talking to me or a boy waving a stick around..could have been either. I was further away…I wasn’t too bothered by it. I would have happily gone around another course…probably the red. It was the most enjoyable. Not as much of a challenge, but less terrifying! There was certainly a difference in levels, and a difference not to be taken lightly! It was getting late though and I thought I should probably loom at the rest of the park.
There were heaps of roos around. Kangaroos are sometimes a bit boring. They just kind of sit. And these were all fed up, and really only wanted to sit. None of them wanted to eat food from your hand, follow you around d, stand up, pose or box. They just wanted to sleep. fair enough. I then went to see some rock fallacies, which were having a bit of a tiff and some tree kangaroos. They are a beautiful vivid orange colour and are quite small but with ginormous 2m long tails. They nibble their food like hampsters. So cute πŸ™‚ I then went to hunt out some Tassie devils, a wombats and some big birds of prey. I was in a bit of a rush though, I really wanted to see the lorikeet feeding. I couldn’t work out how to get into the area, so I was running around like a crazy person. So many people had lorikileets on their heads, on their arms, feeding out of bowls of warm milk. There was thousand, swarming around, flying off, coming back. They went away for about tennis ties, and about half of the crowd dissipated off home. I decided to take my turn holding a snake! Very exciting. A lovely couple took my photo. The photo lady got cranky at me for not Looking at the camera. I said..My photos afterwards. They were expensive, and frankly. Not all that good. Whilst the crowd went away a bit I went to see the reptiles and koalas, who were all very active and great at posing for photos. It was sad, especially for the koalas because it’s so unrealistic of what it’s like for them in real life, even down to , there’s about 1 koala to 100 trees in the wild, but in the park there was about 20 koalas to about 4 tree stumps. They werent high, to camouflaged and really, there wasn’t a lot for them to eat 😦 I went back to the lorikeets and had a go at holiding a tray of milk and I got a few lorikeets on my hand, arms and around the tray. They are very heavy! One of them eve. Left a fairly impressive bruise on my hand. They also left a lot of poop behind. On my head, back, hair, hands, arms, before they all decided to fly off! One of them flew right in the space between my head and shoulder, taking a bit of hair with it! Whoops! I bought a few postcards on my way out but was unable to get one for the high ropes course 😦 I sent Rhiannon a text message from a payphone, which was difficult, but i thought it was pretty cool…It took a long time to send though, and I was frantically pushing the buttons to get it to go quicker before I hopped births bus as it drew into the bus stop! I made it! I got fed up of my hair wrap on the way back so started to unfasten it on the bus back, before heading back to the house for a shower to depoop and have some dinner πŸ™‚ it was a great day! I thoroughly enjoyed the high ropes…though I can’t say a whole heap for the rest if the sanctuary. Good for kids, although very big, they must get tired. It would be among day trying to make all the shows, a fair bit of waiting around and actually, a lot of money by the looks of things. You could go to Australia zoo for that price. The ropes were amazing though πŸ™‚ a day out on its own I reckon!

Basking in the sunshine and pouring down with rain


It’s been a varies few days! And I’ll happily blame that all on the weather! On Wednesday I do mega clean of the house! Rhiannon had started to notice bits of dirt on the ceilings, so asked me to give them a bit of a wipe over. Now that she had mentioned it, I had started to notice the. Too.. (I’ll blame not noticing them on the fact that I rarely take the time to watch ceilings). I started of in the kitchen, as usual when I’m cleaning. I thought I would start with the ceilings because then I could go over the floors with any dirt dropped. Clever me! Turns out the dirt was little cobwebs…with teeny baby spiders accompanying them. Their eggs must have just hatched and suddenly they have all located themselves in and around the house. That would explain why we only had just started to notice them. It took two hours to vaccume the 500 or so baby spiders around the house. Thankfully, none of them looked dangerous, though they did look mighty hairy. Whilst I was cleaning, Amelia had gotten bored of the vaccume cleaner and had decided to empty out all of my draws. I went in and said “boo” she jumped a little bit and looked very guilty, hehe. It was very cute. Whilst I was in mega clean mode, I cleaned all the walls and doors and all the door rails and tracks, as well as wiping down the insides of the fridges, microwave and oven. I have to admit, that’s house did feel cleaner! I went to see everyone outside and gave the cat a cuddle. Despite being all bundled up, he made me rather itchy, so I took a shower. I fed him after dinner too, he got all snuggly. I tried to wash it off, but it wasn’t happening, and not wanting another shower, I took an anti histamine. I nearly fell asleep on the couch later that evening! I didn’t though, but I slept for a solid 10.5 hours and was still pretty drowsy in the morning.
Thursday, both Levi and Amelia were home, so we played all morning, doing jigsaw and playing skittles and soccer. Whilst I was having lunch, break even by the script came onto the radio. Levi ran in and turned the radio up, and started wiggling his bum. “It’s our song Aimee!!!” He said and carried on dancing in the play room. Rhiannon and I burst out laughing. We are officially an item! Hahaha. In the afternoon we went to harbour town. It’s a massive well, town. Its full of high end shops and high street shops. A big direct factory outlet. It was way bigger than any high street or shopping centre I’ve ever seen! Target had major discounts on everything..o picked up an awesome Australia top for $2.50! (Actually, Rhiannon bought it for me). An absolute bargain though! Rhiannon got a few shirts and a pair of jeans. We went around looking for a few long sleeved shorts for Amelia, though here wasn’t much around. Time was ticking away, so we got doughnuts, before collecting aaliyah from after school care.
On Friday, I got started on cleaning the house, when Rhiannon offered for me to just do a quick clean whilst she went on a quick trip to harbour town, to check out stuff whilst the kids weren’t around, then, go to currumbin wildlife sanctuary in the morning. Seemed great. I checked out the timetable for all the activities. It opens really early and closes pretty early. Rhiannon got back at about lunch time, so I asked if I could go another day, so I could be there for longer if I wanted, rather than running out of time. She was okay with that, so I gave the house a good scrub, before we went to collect aaliyah from ballet.
On Saturday, it poured with rain, all day long, so Rhiannon and I had a bachelor marathon on the tv. She pulled the dining table into the lounge area so she could watch it whilst she worked, and I got to work on aimeefying another shirt for aaliyah. Lunch time cane around and aaliyah made scrambled eggs on toast for lunch. It was yummy! She’s pretty good at it – it was nice for a change too πŸ™‚ later in the afternoon, Steve returned home for a couple of days, so the kids were excited. Aladdin was in in the evening, so we watched that before the kids went to bed.
Sunday was a different matter. I was expecting it to be a bitglum, so I put on jeans, before we went out to time zone for the morning. The sun came out and it was actually really warm! We went around time zone and played a few games. Aaliyah is amazing at throwback a mole type games – she always thrashed the high scores! There was a new spin the wheel game to win tickets. I thought aaliyah had won 2000 tickets, but turns out she had just progressed two levels…and only won 50 tickets. Damn! I played a bowling game – and won 21 tickets, woo!!! I don’t know if that’s good or not…but I was proud of myself πŸ™‚ aaliyah and I then played on a dance mat. I like to think we were pretty good πŸ™‚ it was pretty fun…I need to go get my dance mat out when I get back I think! Crack open some good old 90s tunes πŸ™‚ actually…I dint think I have it any more. When we left, the sun was blazing. It was a gorgeous day! We all went for an ice cream and wandered down the beach a little bit. The surf was soooo nice. I reckon we would have stayed if the kids weren’t tired. I decided to stay in surfers for the afternoon – after all, it was a beautiful day. I used my dreamworld pass to go up to the gold coast IQ skydeck. It’s the fastest elevator in Australia, going up (and down, I guess) 77 floors in just under 43 seconds! It’s a really smooth ride, and that’s coming from someone who hates elevators. You turn out of the little elevator zone and out onto the viewing platform…and on my gosh, the view is surreal! It was so clear up there, and you could see for well over 50km. I saw over to mount lamington, mount tambourine, over all the oceans, across main beach and I even saw benowa, where Rhiannon house is. The view was incredible. Surfers is such a pretty city. The canals and nerang river make for a gorgeous view and the sea looked beautiful. I swear I could see a whale…Well, not the whale, but I could see splashed from either it’s blow hole or from breaching or fin kicks. It definitely wasn’t just a wave…and there was a boat hanging around it, so my money is on whale πŸ™‚ I spent a good hour up there. As much as I did enjoy it, I don’t think it’s the kind of place you would want to return to heaps of times.
It was lunch time, so I wandered around looking for lunch options. I found a little cafe and got a steak sandwich. It was cheap,so I didn’t really have high hopes ,but it was delicious. Lovely bread and full of delicious salad. If a salad has beetroot in it, it’s officially good!!! I browsed around a few shops looking for a birthday present for Amelia and something for Rhiannon…It’s sad to think its but it’s nearly time for me to leave! 😦 I got all my other work away hosts a little pressie when I left, and Rhiannon is by far the best host I’ve had, so I definitely owe her something. Rhiannon is a very selfless person though, so it’s hard to know what to buy for her. I’ve found something I think she will like…Well I hope so anyway! It’s only small, but it’s the thought that counts I guess…and I have something else planned too πŸ™‚ anyways, I found I had actually walked ages along the beach and I took another hour and a halfs walk back to surfers paradise. It was such a gorgeous day though. So lovely and hot. I waded through the shallows of the ocean….the waves were very rocky and choppy though…so I didn’t expect ankle deep water to be up by my waist. I got a bit wet! Whoops! I picked my bag up out of the waves at one point, and next minute my shoes were on the floor, I quickly had to grab them before they drifted off into the deep Dark ocean! Or at least before they got soaked. Almost everything stayed dry thankfully πŸ™‚ the waves were so good and there were heaps of really good surfers riding the waves. They were sooo good. I was so jealous!
I got back to the Q1 centre just as Rhiannon, Steve and the kids arrive back into surfers after the kids had a nap. We went to the grocery store initially, followed by a walk to the spit. It was a really nice walk, almost like a natural pier. There passageway view of the skyline and the ocean and a little beach and waves crashing over a light house πŸ™‚ the sun was setting and it was getting a bit cooler, but the lighting and ocean spray was lovely. It was really nice πŸ™‚ we all went to play soccer for a little while, before heading back for some dinner. Really has been a varied few days! Have to say, I enjoy the sunshine far more than the rain πŸ˜‰

It’s my Birthday!


Okay, it’s not now, but it was. I’m now the big 21! Woo! So far it seems almost exactly like being 20…but a bit more tanned and a bit fatter.
I started the day off on the toilet…as per usual and as soon as I stepped out of the door I was greeted by two sheepishly shy children wishing me a happy birthday. It was almost like they had forgotten. It was cute though πŸ™‚ Rhiannons physiotherapy appointment got cancelled because the doctor was sick, so after school drop off, Rhiannon and I went for a drive to the isle of capari for breakfast. They were fancy places! Despite one having a super hit waiter, we decided to eat at the resturant that was outside by the jetty. The water was a newly turquoise and the sun was out and hot, it was a gorgeous morning. I decided on cinnamon French toast with bacon and maple syrup and it was delicious. Rhiannon had eggs Benedict’s, but the sauce was wrong, so we encouraged her to send it back. The waitress happily took it back but the sauce was still not right the second time. She ate it anyway, though to me it still looked delicious. Amelia was happily crawling around the place, emptying Rhiannons handbag and throwing bits of breakkie, sugar packets and napkins on the floor. There were so many people staring at her though,.clearly thinking she was adorable. Really, she was pretty sick though, she had a very runny nose and was very tired. We headed back home to put Amelia down for a nap and I said outside by the canal all afternoon. Between writing some letters and beading lace to decorate a short for aaliyah, I was starting to get a bit sunburnt, so I went inside to reapply sunscreen. I stayed outside a while longer whilst Rhiannon did the school run, but felt I was getting a bit too burned. I checked out .y tan lines….I was as Brown as toast! I cleaned the floors….I don’t know if they get dirtier, I don’t notice the mess or I’m not as good at cleaning as I was, but the floors wet looking pretty dirty and they hadnt been cleaned all weekend. Before long the kids were home πŸ™‚ they had tried to go to the markets but they weren’t on! We had pizza for dinner, complete with party hats, which levi was super excited about πŸ™‚ I skyped mum, dex, grandma, aunty Angela and one of their baby chicks, and they all sang happy birthday to me πŸ™‚ they didn’t let me video it though 😦 oh well. after a chat, we had birthday cake – a chocolate mud cake with candles and sparklers. It was yummy and I blew all out all of my cAndles at once (all two of them) so my birthday wish should come true! Hopefully; it was the bestest wish ever!!!
On Tuesday, Rhiannon went to run some errands after the school run, so after breakkie, Amelia and I played most the morning πŸ™‚ whilst Amelia was busy playing on her own, I got cracking on beading a shirt of aaliyah and i now it’s finished, it looks pretty good! The beads aren’t very visible, but in the right light they look pretty and twinkly πŸ™‚ well aaliyah likes it, so that’s the big thing πŸ™‚
After Amelia had her nap, we went to pick up aaliyah from school then headed into surfers. I had a voucher from San Churros so we went there to get a sugary chocolate fix. They were yummy!!! When Amelia saw the platter come out, she was so excited and pretty much pounced onto the plate! Amelia really enjoyed them and kept trying to steal more off the plate. Aaliyah enjoyed them too – she obviously thought it was better than the trip to the supermarket that we told her it was! The are so yummy. I think I’m going to have to find a recipie for them. Especially as we don’t really have them at home.
Well, last year I wrote 20 things I have leaned in my 20 years, so to finish off…I’m writing a list of 21 things I did in my 21 years πŸ™‚

1) I won a spirit of judo award – an award selected by the judges from the judo competition for the one player from the competition who displayed the most sportsman ship πŸ™‚ proud moment
2) winning student of the year in both school and judo in the same year
3) canoe-ing down the Ardeche River in the south of France…all 26miles
4) Winning best in school (silver) in the UK Maths Challenge
5) Getting a D in my physics A-Level. My worst grade ever, but the one I worked hardest for.
6) Getting two most improved dance awards
7) learning how to scuba dive
8) Getting 100% in one of my chemistry exams
9) Getting a scholarship for excellence in my chemistry degree
10) Achieving a High Distinction in my Australian History unit. Woo!
11) Being selected to study abroad in Australia. Yayayayayayayayayay
12) Making my own prom dress…that’s pretty magical
13) Writing my own songs and performing them on stage
14) Choregraphing my own dances and performing them πŸ™‚
15) Designing and making my own dance costumes
16) Being Secretary for WMSYE
17) Getting an A* (100%) in my resistant materials GCSE and making an awesome project
18) Abseiling…On a whim…Off a rock face and into the Ocean
19) Seeing the Sydney Harbour Bridge NYE fireworks! Bucket list item – Check πŸ™‚
20) Cuddling a koala…totally awesome πŸ™‚
21) Being a big sister who is “better than ice cream” that is definitely an accomplishment πŸ™‚